Kindra Scanlon DNP, APRN
Kindra Scanlon DNP, APRN
Skin & Wound Care Specialist Oregon

Kindra enjoys the educational, social, and technical expertise of advanced practice nursing and wound healing. Being useful in a caring, intelligent, and compassionate way is what makes her happy. Wound healing is a particular passion of hers because she believes that it is a wonderful and fulfilling job to help patients heal.


Education – College & Degree


College: Oregon Health & Science University

City: Portland, OR

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing



College: Oregon Health & Science University

City: Portland, OR

Degree: Masters in Nursing


College: University of Portland

City: Portland, OR

Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice







Area(s) of Specialty

Postoperative and preoperative outpatient care

Wound healing and care


Affiliations & Associations

Sigma Theta Tau International

International Council of Nurses

American Nurses’ Association


Previous Experience

Employer Name: University of Portland

Your Title: Assistant Professor

Dates: 06/2021 to present


Employer Name: OHSU Plastic Surgery

Your Title: Nurse Practitioner

Dates: 10/2016-01/2022


Employer Name: Adventist Urgent Care

Your Title: UC Nurse Practitioner

Dates: 01/2016-01/2018


Employer Name: OHSU Preoperative Medicine

Your Title: Nurse Practitioner, Assistant Faculty

Dates: 07/2012-05/2015


Interests & Hobbies

Kindra enjoys hiking with her family and dog, running, yoga, and baking. She also speaks multiple languages to include intermediate German and some Russian. As a tenure-track professor at University of Portland, she also enjoys research and writing.