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Faster Healing

United Wound Healing’s Skin and Wound Specialists make weekly rounds in skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Residents treated by United Wound Healing’s skin and wound specialists result in 2x faster healing compared to national averages.

Research into successful skin and wound healing outcomes suggests that a multi-specialty approach leads to the best outcomes. United Wound Healing has developed a unique process called Team-Centered Skin and Wound Care®. This process focuses on treating the entire patient, including chronic conditions and biofilms that complicate and delay healing. Our specialists are expert team builders focused on integrating our advanced wound healing experience with existing nursing staff, PCP’s, therapists and dietitians.

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatments

Every patient we see receives a thorough evaluation of their skin. United Wound Healing’s skin and wound specialists utilize non-invasive near-infrared spectroscopy to see deep into the tissues within and around each wound we treat. This technology allows for real-time visualization of the blood flow and tissue quality required for successful wound healing.

Real-time bacterial fluorescence Imaging is also used by our skin and wound specialists to identify and remove bacteria in and around each wound. Removal of the biofilm regularly throughout the healing process results in fewer infections, fewer antibiotics, and fewer severe complications such as amputations.

When chronic wounds fail to progress towards healing with standard wound care supplies, our specialists utilize the most advanced DNA-guided treatments as well as cellular and tissue-based products to ensure your residents achieve the best outcomes possible. United Wound Healing skin and wound specialists are also trained in performing treatments with UltraMIST, a pain-free treatment that has proven to reduce the healing time of open ulcers and deep tissue pressure injuries.

Reduced Risk

Caring for residents with skin integrity conditions is both rewarding and risky. Next to wrongful death, pressure injuries and ulcers are the second most common reason for malpractice lawsuits. Additionally, CMS regulations require extensively detailed documentation and assessments on a regular basis.

Our board-certified skin and wound specialists are trained to provide the highest standards of care while providing weekly accurate and compliant documentation.

Basic and Advanced Caregiver Education and Training

United Wound Healing believes that a vital key to successful outcomes is education. Each week our Skin and Wound Specialists will train and equip your caregivers to provided the highest quality of care. This includes basic and advanced training in wound care, off-loading and support surfaces, nutrition, infection prevention, antibiotic stewardship. We know the CMS regulations related to skin care in your facility, and will teach and train your caregivers to document and develop systems that result in reduced risk and better survey outcomes.

United Wound Healing has partnered with Healiant Training Solutions to help your staff become Wound Care Certified. Click here for more information.

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

While United Wound Healing is the gold standard for clinical excellence; value-driven results for our SNF partners are our specialty. The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), requires accurate and timely assessments and diagnoses.

United Wound Healing ensures partner facilities receive the most specific and accurate ICD10 codes to optimize your reimbursement. Our experts will also provide medical records and data to support your center when audits occur.

Proven Results, Lowest Costs

For more than six years United Wound Healing has transformed mobile skin and wound care.

Average Days to Wound Closure:

  • United Wound Healing: 32 days
  • U.S. Averages: 64 days

Better Connected EHR Integration

United Wound Healing’s WoundSynergy™ technology leads the way in ensuring your center always has the documentation you need when you need it.

Currently supported integrations include:

Simply Covered™

United Wound Healing will help guide you in developing a formulary of treatments that have proven to work for your patients at home. We ensure you only purchase the supplies necessary for great outcomes, at the lowest cost.

Successful Discharges Avoiding Re-Hospitalization

United Wound Healing has a team ready to help you ensure your residents can always have the best skin and wound care possible. We work directly with the hospitals in your community to help ensure patients are discharged timely with the appropriate resources to care for their skin-related conditions.

Our specialists will continue to care for your residents after they discharge from the hospital. This ensures the best care and proper treatments are in place to help limit re-hospitalizations related to skin and wound complications.

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