Wound Care

Our bodies are born with the capacity to heal skin and tissue when injury occurs. Aging, chronic diseases, and infection commonly disrupt the body’s natural ability to heal. When this happens chronic ulcers or wounds occur. United Wound Healing specialists care for all types of wounds including minor trauma to complex chronic skin ulcers.

We offer in-person visits as well as telemedicine option for:

  • Wounds caused by trauma
  • Pressure injuries and ulcers
  • Wounds that are not improving
  • Diabetic/neuropathic wounds
  • Venous/arterial ulcers
  • Wounds caused by autoimmune disorders
  • Graft, flap or post-surgical wounds
  • Wounds that require frequent dressing changes
  • Amputations
  • Wounds due to infection
  • Wounds that are causing pain
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