Assisted Living

Convenient Visits from a Skin and Wound Specialist

Patients residing in an Assisted Living Community can be treated by United Wound Healing’s skin and wound specialists both virtually and in person. Our collaborative approach to wound care with your current Home Health Provider results 2x faster healing compared to national averages. This process focuses on treating the entire patient, including chronic conditions and biofilms that complicate and delay healing. When patients require an assisted living visit, our specialists bring advanced assessment and treatment technologies to accelerate wound healing and guide our home health partners in both evidence-based and value-based patient care.

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatments

When a resident needs an in-person consultation from one of our skin and wound specialists, they will also receive the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options available from the comfort of their home. United Wound Healing’s skin and wound specialists utilize non-invasive near-infrared spectroscopy to see deep into the tissues within and around each wound we treat. This technology allows for real-time visualization of the blood flow and tissue quality required for successful wound healing.

Real-time bacterial fluorescence imaging is also used by our skin and wound specialists to identify and remove bacteria in and around each wound. Removal of the biofilm regularly throughout the healing process results in fewer infections, fewer antibiotics, and fewer severe complications such as amputations.

When chronic wounds fail to progress towards healing with standard wound care supplies, our specialists utilize the most advanced DNA-guided treatments as well as cellular and tissue-based products to ensure your patients achieve the best outcomes possible. United Skin and Wound Specialists are also trained in performing treatments with UltraMIST, a pain-free treatment that has proven to reduce the healing time of open ulcers and deep tissue pressure injuries.

Proven Results, Lowest Costs

For more than six years United Wound Healing has transformed mobile skin and wound care.

Average Days to Wound Closure:

  • United Wound Healing: 32 days
  • U.S. Averages: 64 days
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