Mikel McMakin PA-C

Skin & Wound Care Provider
Mikel McMakin PA-C

Mikel knew from a very young age that she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. At the age of 10, she developed bone-related issues in her right leg which required multiple surgeries. Mikel’s main provider during this time was an orthopedic PA, with whom she developed a great relationship, which helped her immensely through this difficult time. As a very active child, it was tough being unable to participate in the sports that she loved, but she also remembers being fascinated by the procedures that she underwent and the healing process. From then on, her interest in healthcare was sparked. After high school, Mikel shadowed the same PA who treated her, and she knew that she wanted to pursue a career as a PA, where she could truly help people and make a difference.

As an extremely active individual and fitness enthusiast, most of Mikel’s hobbies revolve around outdoor activities and sports. She is an avid CrossFitter, hiker, pickleball player, and snowboarder, and she is always down to try new things. Mikel also loves to travel and experience other cultures and food. She is a huge animal lover and has a big dream to own a hobby farm with all kinds of animals one day



Barry University, MS