Team-Centered Wound Care

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Weekly Wound Rounds

We believe in the strength of teamwork. Weekly wound rounds performed in our partner facilities offer the perfect opportunity for our wound care experts to collaborate with medical professionals who provide day-to-day patient care. And we’ve proven that our highly effective team approach to wound care delivers outstanding results. Most importantly, we know that when our wound care clinicians work side-by-side with our partner caregivers in the best interest of their patients, we can magnify our impact.


Bedside Debridement

Wounds that contain non-living (necrotic) tissue take longer to heal and are at risk for infection. Debridement is the process of removing tissue from pressure ulcers, burns and other wounds and speeds their healing. Our wound care clinicians perform comfortable and safe debridement at the patients’ bedsides. This procedure is a key component in chronic wound healing that has been traditionally performed in wound care centers – adding unnecessary travel costs and facility fees. We provide the same standard of care at a fraction of the cost.


Electronic Medical Records

We offer our client partners state-of-the-art software for wound healing excellence and electronic medical records called Wound Synergy.

It is a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, web-based electronic health record for wound care management. Integrated clinical, financial and regulatory solutions give our partner facilities the tools to enhance patient care and facility performance.


Regulatory Support

The documentation and services provided by United Wound Healing have proven to support excellence and the highest standard of care in our partner facilities. Skilled nursing centers that have partnered with us have had ZERO wound care-related skin citations in the last five years as a result of our thorough and supportive documentation.


Vascular Testing

United Wound Healing offers bedside vascular testing for both arterial and venous conditions. We use the advanced technology of the PADnet System to perform bedside testing that can be transmitted and read by a board-certified vascular surgeon at the point of care. This facilitates faster referrals and interventions that can be life- and limb-saving for patients with wounds due to vascular disease.



We use state-of-the-art, and HIPPA-compliant technology to provide infectious disease and surgical consultations for patients in our partner facilities. These consults performed at the patient’s bedside often replace the need for transportation and office visits resulting in increased comfort and reduced unnecessary costs. This includes consultations with outside experts including vascular surgeons and infectious disease specialists.


Treatment & Prevention Education

Caregivers we partner with benefit from wound-specific training including prevention of wounds, pressure-relieving devices, and properly selecting and applying wound dressings (including negative pressure and wound vac therapy).


Types of Wounds

Working together with health care providers at our partner facilities, our wound care clinicians see every patient during weekly wound rounds — regardless of wound size, severity, or insurance coverage. See the list of complex wounds we treat.