Electronic Medical Records


Wound Synergy

Don’t Let Your Wound Care Leave You Wounded

We created state-of- the-art software and web-based electronic health records (EHR) for wound healing excellence exclusively for our client partners. Called Wound Synergy, it’s modeled after Net Health’s WoundExpert,® the nation’s leading wound care EHR for wound care clinics.

Wound Synergy is a collaborative effort between Net Health and United Wound Healing. It gives our wound care providers and partner caregivers the tools to enhance patient care and facility performance across the wound care continuum. It allows us to chart together and build off the same wound assessments. This creates efficiency and saves time while reducing the risk of transcription errors.



  • Thorough and consistent wound assessment
  • Comprehensive weekly IDT Nursing Notes
  • Wound image calibration
  • Consistent documentation ensures accuracy between wound care specialists and nursing team
  • Supports F314 and related regulations*

*F314, F155, F157, F242, F246, F271, F274, F278, F281, F309, F325, F327, F441, F520




  • Enhance productivity and charting time
  • Quality improvement
  • Workflows to promote continuity of care
  • Comprehensive drill-down reports
  • Real-time reminders for nursing staff and administration

Risk Reduction

  • Decrease risk of litigation
  • Improve survey scores & star rating
  • Strengthen MDS Program
  • IMPACT ACT Compliance
  • Alerts & audits to ensure corporate & federal/state requirements are met


  • With current registration system to avoid manual entry of admissions
  • With current facility’s EHR

Software for Wound Healing Excellence


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