Partnership Benefits


Services Provided At No Cost To Facilities

We are credentialed with all major payors including Medicare and Medicaid. Our services, including evaluation and management, wound debridement, and vascular testing, are all billed and covered by Medicare Part B. When rounding with our skilled nursing partners, we commit to seeing every patient with wounds or at-risk for wounds despite insurance coverage. Our services are provided in skilled nursing centers at no cost to the facilities.


Leading-Edge Wound Healing

We are committed to providing leading-edge wound care services for patients who need assistance and expertise in wound management due to chronic or acute non-healing wounds. Our collaborative partnership with health care professionals at skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers results in enhanced patient care, more efficient weekly patient wound rounds, and improved quality outcomes and state survey scores.


Outstanding Results & Minimal Stress

What this means to patients is that not only will they receive outstanding results due to our expertise and highly effective team approach, but our goal is to minimize the hardship and stress on patients so they don’t have to travel outside of the facility for wound care.


Drastically Improved Healing Rates

The nursing experience and expertise in skilled nursing centers, combined with United Wound Healing’s proven treatment methods, drastically improves the healing rate of chronic wounds. Our current number of days to heal and wound healing rates are three times as fast as the national average.


Decreased Need To Go To Another Facility

Weekly wound rounds performed in the skilled nursing setting offer the perfect opportunity for our wound care experts to collaborate with medical professionals who provide day-to-day patient care. This often eliminates the need for uncomfortable and costly transportation to wound care centers.


Increased Nursing Competency

Team-centered wound rounds also give United Wound Healing’s wound care clinicians the unique opportunity to train and instruct skilled nursing staff on wound treatment and prevention, resulting in a more skilled nursing engagement and competency.