Valuable Partnerships

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Team-Centered Wound Care

Our new teamwork model and multidisciplinary approach allows us to partner with skilled nursing, assisted living, and adult family home caregivers to support and improve their wound care programs. These partnerships enhance patient care, decrease costs, and reduce staff time on medical records charting. Our effective and team-centered approach and tools provide clinical, administrative, financial and risk management benefits to our partner facilities.

Partner Benefits

Using a team-centered approach for weekly wound rounds at our client partner facilities, we support their caregivers through encouragement, education, and documentation to ensure quality patient outcomes.


Wound Synergy Electronic Health Records

We offer our client partners state-of-the-art software for wound healing excellence and electronic health records called Wound Synergy. Our partner facilities find Wound Synergy an invaluable tool for streamlining their workflow, monitoring quality, and customizing patient care.

New Electronic Medical Record

For visits after March 1, 2021

Clinical Solutions

With dynamic, real-time collection and analysis of wound care information, Wound Synergy’s electronic health record offers the most complete clinical dataset and benchmarking solution for wound management.

Regulatory Solutions

Wound Synergy’s Quality Assurance Team continuously monitors regulations, attends conferences, and actively participates in forums to ensure the application’s regulatory compliance with the most up-to-date standards.

Need Our Team?

Learn about our training, documentation, and education to help support your culture of excellence.

Partner FAQs

Do you have questions about the benefits of partnering with United Wound Healing? Get answers to your frequently asked questions here.