Viola Apostoli CPC, CEMC, CPCO, CRC
Viola Apostoli CPC, CEMC, CPCO, CRC
Director of Medical Coding


Viola started her coding career over 10 years ago in a level 1 trauma hospital which was also a teaching hospital in Ohio. While there, she was exposed to different specialties including trauma billing and coding. She states it was a very challenging yet rewarding experience and resulted in her understanding the process of billing and coding which made her a better auditor and educator. She believes that being able to understand why something is being rejected makes for a better teacher and auditor.

She continued to remain in the multispecialty field when she joined the physician compliance at Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC. Performing audits and being able to provide feedback and education aligned with her passion for teaching. What was even more rewarding for her was the auditing and education involved in multispecialty, which is something she enjoys the most. Being able to do research and having had the opportunity to work and understand different Medicare carrier guidelines and specialties made the transition to AAPC – Audit Services group easier. She enjoys learning something new everyday and this field is just the right fit for a curious mind.

Viola’s passion for teaching and a love of medicine led to a very rewarding career in healthcare. “Healthcare is always changing, and it is very interesting to see how things evolve and never the same” she says. She finds excitement in understanding the disease process and being able to explain it in simple terms and put it into numbers. The providers tell a story using medical terms whilst she finds fascination in being able to tell that same story using numbers. She believes you can always learning something new every day!




College: Lakeland Community College

City: Mentor

Degree: Associate of Arts



Certified Professional Coder

Certified Evaluation and Management Coder

Certified Professional Compliance Officer

Certified Risk Adjustment Coder

Area(s) of Specialty

Evaluation and Management

Multiple Specialty


American Academy of Professional Coders

Previous Experience

Employer Name: AAPC – Audits Services Group

Your Title: Regional Director

Dates: 2018-2021


Employer Name: Atrium Health

Your Title: Auditor/Educator II

Dates: 2013-2018


Employer Name: Cleveland Clinic

Your Title: Professional Coder

Dates: 2008-2013


Interests & Hobbies

Viola enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and spending time with her family.