Drastically Improved Healing Rates

We provide hope and faster wound healing times for patients that help relieve their pain, reduce infections and hospitalizations, and prevent amputations.

The nursing experience in our partner facilities, combined with United Wound Healing’s expertise and proven treatment methods, drastically improve the healing rate of chronic wounds. Our patients with chronic wounds heal twice as fast as the national average.*

*Based on United Wound Healing’s average of 33 days to heal all types of wounds compared to the national average of 70 days on 4/27/17.

Team of climbers roped together climbing a hill

Team-Centered Wound Care

Our unique teamwork model, team-centered wound care, allows us to work side-by-side with our partner facilities. Effective teamwork brings together diverse knowledge and skills and often results in faster decision making, improved wound healing and quality outcomes.


Types of Wounds

Our wounds experts see every patient during weekly wound rounds regardless of wound size, severity, or insurance coverage.