Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Team-Centered Wound Rounds?

A: United Wound Healing takes a unique approach to wound rounds in which our partner facility caregivers team up with our wound care providers. Together, they review all detailed aspects of each patient’s care at the patient’s bedside in the respective facilities. This multidisciplinary approach combines the unique experience and expertise of each team member to develop the best solutions for the patient’s wound care.

Q. Is United Wound Healing a wound care center?

A. United Wound Healing is a traveling group of wound care providers including advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in wound care in a variety of care settings. United Wound Healing does not own or operate a traditional wound care center. Instead, it brings the expertise and resources of a wound care center to patients in their skilled nursing, assisted living, adult family home, or home settings.

Q. How does United Wound Healing get paid for services?

A. United Wound Healing is credentialed with all major payors including Medicare and Medicaid. Our services, including evaluation and management, wound debridement, and vascular testing are all billed and covered by Medicare Part B. When rounding with our partner facility caregivers, we commit to seeing every patient with wounds or at-risk for wounds despite insurance coverage. We do not charge our facility partners for our services.

Q. What types of wounds are treated by United Wound Healing’s wound specialists?

A. United Wound Healing’s expert team of wound care providers treats wounds of all sizes and severity. Our goal is wound prevention, and we commonly see wounds caused by pressure, dermatitis, vascular disease, diabetes, and surgery. See the full list of types of wounds treated here.

Q: Does United Wound Healing provide training and education for their facility partner staff?

A. We specialize in wound-specific training including prevention of wounds, pressure-relieving devices, and properly selecting and applying wound dressings (including negative pressure and wound vac therapy). We also created Heal University.

Q: How do skilled nursing, assisted living, adult family home and home health caregivers partner with United Wound Healing?

A. We will provide a free consultation and evaluation of your current wound care and wound rounds practices. If you feel our services will benefit your patients, United Wound Healing will develop a specific plan and Collaboration Agreement to tailor our services to your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation.