Partner Benefits

Team-Centered Approach

Using a team-centered approach for weekly wound rounds, we support our partner facility wound care teams through encouragement, education and documentation to ensure quality patient outcomes. Our collaborative partnership results in enhanced patient care, more efficient weekly patient wound rounds, and improved quality outcomes and state survey scores.


Faster Wound Healing

The nursing experience and expertise in our partner facilities, combined with our expertise and proven treatment methods, drastically improves the healing rate of chronic wounds.  Our patients with chronic wounds heal twice as fast as the national average.*

*Based on United Wound Healing’s average of 33 days to heal all types of wounds compared to the national average of 70 days on 4/18/17.

No Cost to Facilities

We are credentialed with all major payors including Medicare and Medicaid.  Our services are all billed and covered by Medicare Part B and are provided at no cost to our partner facilities.  Below are other ways we reduce costs:

  • Zero Transportation Costs
  • Reduced Staffing Time on Medical Records Charting
  • Reduced Staffing Time on Wound Care
  • Fewer Resources Spent on Care & Supplies
  • Reduced Cost of Wound Care Supplies
  • Reimbursement Stability

Advanced Education & Prevention

As part of our collaborative team approach, our wound care clinicians provide our facility partners with the information they need on acute and chronic wound treatment and prevention. We offer education in the treatment and prevention of many types of complex wounds so that our partner caregivers can be informed colleagues in our team-based model of wound care delivery. We also offer free education through Heal University.

Comprehensive Documentation & Reports

We offer our client partners online access to state-of-the-art software for wound healing excellence and electronic health records called Wound Synergy. Our partner caregivers find Wound Synergy an invaluable tool for streamlining their workflow, monitoring quality and customizing patient care.

Improved Quality Outcomes

United Wound Healing has a 100% federal and state citation-free record, and the facilities we partner with have developed reputations of excellence, not only in wound care, but with their overall star rating. This has led to a number of facilities increasing their patient census.